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MI: 5501019241


An avid outdoor enthusiast, Blade grew up trail hiking, snowboarding, scuba diving, and hunting in the great state of Michigan, later pursuing his Doctorate of Physical Therapy in the bustling metropolis surrounding Boston University.


Undaunted by the hustle, but eager to stay in touch with the great outdoors, Blade explored pockets of nature within city limits, as well as experiencing the great Atlantic wonders of Acadia National Park in Maine. During a 'clinical' in Wyoming state, he pioneered the mountainous trails and snowy slopes way out west.


Blade's return to the Mitten State for another clinical at the Veterans Affairs Administration in Ann Arbor ignited a passion for inspiring Michigan locals and visitors to explore all the state has to offer. His philosophy is that nothing - not even injury - should keep us from enjoying the natural world.


Blade's commitment to effective online physio therapy is the combination of his technical skill, field-based application, and firsthand know-how. His goal is to utilize and share both his knowledge and personal experience to help outdoor enthusiasts get back to the activities they love most.

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